Happy New Year!!

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2020 - 14:11 By: DunipaceParishChurch

Happy New Year everyone! Today as we all begin to embark on everything that this New Year has to offer I pray that God will be with everyone and His hand will guide you all as we all go back to work and the children plan to go back to school.

In our house the New year is bringing with it lots of new changes and challenges as I am sure that it is for everyone who is reading this text. There are so many jobs to do such as taking the Christmas tree down and getting the house in order. It feels a bit sad after all the excitement of Christmas. I pray that everyone experiences and draws on the peace and wonder of God as they reflect on the festive period and all the fun and joy that they hopefully experienced over this time. I also think about all the people who are not so blessed at Christmas time such as those who live in poverty or with illness and pray that the New Year will bring about improvements in their living conditions and their health.

However, as a church and community we have so much to celebrate and look forward to. We were really amazed at the turn out at the recent Church light festival and Christingle. It was amazing to see our wee church full of lights and people enjoying Christmas. I pray that everyone enjoyed this event and it will inspire them to come to our family church events and other events which we have planned throughout 2020.

I also pray that God blesses you all richly as you journey into 2020. May your days be full of joy and laughter and may God be at the centre of your lives and in your hearts this coming year and forever more!